Knee Joint Effusion

Effusion is nothing but accumulation of excess fluid in the joints. This extra fluid can lead to swelling of the joints. Knee effusion is one such example where the fluid is accumulated in the knee. Their can be various reasons behind the swelling and watering of the knee joint. Arthritis is one of the leading reasons for knee joint effusion. Injury to the ligaments or meniscus can also cause this swelling.

Knee Effusion

Knee Effusion

There is a fluid in our joints and the amount is moderated by the body automatically. When an injury or arthritis affects the surrounding tissues of the joints, they release excess fluid causing this swelling.


  • The affected knee starts looking bigger and puffier than the other knee
  • This can lead to stiffened muscles around the knee. You may not be able to bend the leg properly.
  • When the joint is bearing the weight, the patients of osteoarthritis may feel the pain


The diagnosis is done with the X-ray or MRI scan. In some cases, blood test can be done. After the diagnosis is done, if the doctor feels appropriate, he prescribes medication. Sometimes heat can relax the muscles and the leg can become operational. Ice is also used to get rid of stiffness. The acetaminofen and NSAIDS are some of the analgesics that are used in the treatment. Cortisone injection in the affected knee is also given to stop the repetition of effusion.

Remember, the obese or overweight people are more prone to effusion. If the joints bear excessive weight for a long time, joint effusion is more likely to occur.

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Massage therapy has been invented 3000 year ago and since then billions of people have used massage therapies to enhance the quality of their livelihood.

Foot massage has its own history and has been practiced in different countries for centuries. Our feet are the most overworked organs of our body and they need some help. Our feet and hands are connected with the other organs of our body. In Thailand and the US, it is a big industry and affordable foot massage

Foot Massage

Foot Massage

treatments are available everywhere.

Benefits of Foot Massage

Relaxation and Stress Relief: You feel relaxed withing minutes. Foot massage increases the blood flow and that results in better blood circulation. It reduces the mental stress and rejuvenates your soul.

Lymph Flow: In the upper part of your feet lie the lymph channels between the digits. It improves the function of the lymph fluid. The fluid gets released from the muscles and brings the toxins to the lymph nodes for destroying.

Relieve the Pain: It relives the pain in the feet. Massaging can also removes the adhesion.

Blood flow and stress are the key factors and foot massage takes care of them. It brings harmony in our body.

Reflexology is also a popular foot massage technique. In reflexology, it is believed that all the organs of our body can be reflected by our feet. It means that every organ in our body has its representative point on the sole of our feet.

The pressure is applied using fingers and wooden stick. Special herbal cream and oil is used to massage the feet. Benefits of reflexology massage can be drawn from the popularity in the countries like Denmark where more than 25 percent of the population believes in the reflexology theory.

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Causes of Lack of Sleep

Lack of sleep can make your life worse than hell. Insomnia, as it is called, is a serious disorder and many of us ignore it for years. There can be many causes for lack of sleep.

Causes for Lack of Sleep

Causes for Lack of Sleep


How is your routine? Have you ever thought about your brain while using it? Your brain needs rest in an equal proportion to the work it does. Your routine, schedule, and sleeping timings must be planned beforehand. Staying up all night and sleeping in the afternoon can destroy your body-clock.


Tea and coffee can kill your sleep if you are addicted to them; especially, when you have them later in the day. You may not know this, but alcohol can also spoil your sleeping patterns. It disrupts the process of your going into the deeper state of sleep. Stay away from them as far as possible.


You may have some health related irregularities responsible for lack of sleep. Sleep anxiety or sleep apnea can cause disruption. In sleep apnea, the person can not breathe properly while sleeping. Various other diseases related to heart, lungs, and stomach have insomnia in their lists of symptoms.


Several medications including those given for blood pressure have side-effects. Insomnia can be caused by any of these medications. In that case, you must consult with you physician and get different medications prescribed.

You have to observe your sleeping patterns and find out the causes of lack of sleep. If you are suffering with chronic insomnia, you better visit a doctor.

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Disadvantages of Yoga

The West follows the philosophy called eat, love, and be happy, whereas in the East, the philosophy is that of sacrificing material pleasures that subsequently transcend the person to the superior mental level.

Yoga and meditation are the hot topics today among heath conscious people. Yoga, an ancient Indian ritual, is a set of rules governing spiritual development of mind-body duo and has evolved over time.

Patanjali has talked about the eight limbs of yoga, and yoga poses are one of these limbs. Asanas have triggered few controversies in the last few decades. Various disadvantages of yoga have been found by the experts.

Yoga Exercise

Yoga Exercise

  • In ancient India, lot of importance was attached to the Guru or teacher. The teacher used to teach every art and no one was self-learned in those times. A genuine teacher can teach you the effortless ways to perform yoga in steps. An attentive teacher can assist in your individual problems and understand your capabilities. He can help you choose the best asanas that suit your body and requirement. Today, there is a dearth of good teachers in the world who can teach the real essence of yoga.
  • At times, yoga may look simple to perform or execute, but it is not. It is rigorous and stressful. Asanas if not performed properly can damage your body.
  • In the beginning, it is not an easy task to cope with the instructions. One must be patient and attentive.
  • You cannot try it on your own. Yoga is not just an exercise like Pilates that is performed to reduce fat. It is more than that. It caters to broader issues related to mind and spiritual awareness. So it is not advisable that you learn yoga in one month and start performing on your own.

Yoga will be of no benefit and cause only destruction if performed negligently. But it can take you to the heights of self awareness if you take lessons from a learned person.

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Home Remedies for Sun Tan

The process wherein the skin creates the pigment that’s brown in color known as melanin, due to too much exposure to the damaging UV rays of the sun is known as sun tanning. A black coating on human skin can be created if the skin is exposed to hot and burning sun due to the skin’s sensitivity.

People aren’t aware of the fact that too much exposure to sun not only causes sun burn, but several skin problems. The uncovered parts of the skin such as cheeks, forehead, nose, ears, neck, shoulders, and skin in particular are easily affected by sun tan.

Sun Tan

Sun Tan

Soothing Sun Tanned Skin

You must take some instant steps to relieve the burning sensation of the skin which can be caused by the skin turning and stinging red if you’ve been out in the sun for long time.

  • You can apply rose water with a drop of lavender oil which eases the sting out of the sun tanned skin. You can also try splashing cold water on the affected skin area.
  • Another way of soothing your sun tanned skin is to put a cup of baking soda in bath water and apply it to the skin.

Home Remedies

  • Apply mashed papaya as it helps to de tan your skin. Add some honey after pulping a cub sized fruit. Apply it on your face and then wash it off.
  • Another way to heal your sun tanned skin is to make use of cod liver oil or aloe vera gel containing vitamin A and E.
  • Make a pack with fuller’s earth, calamine lotion and lemon juice. Use it regularly to get rid of tanned skin.

Tips for sun tan include following the above process regularly for getting a healthy skin.

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Causes and Symptoms of Jaundice

Jaundice is not a disease, but instead a sign that might occur in several different diseases. Jaundice fever is the yellowish staining of the skin and sclera that’s caused due to high levels of chemical bilirubin in blood. Depending on the level of bilirubin, the color of the skin and sclera vary. The bilirubin level turns yellowish when they’re mildly elevated and when they tend to be brown.

Jaundice fever

Jaundice fever

Jaundice, a common childhood disease, might be caused by a hindrance of the bile ducts which usually discharge bile pigments and salts into the intestine. The bile thus gives a yellow pigmentation to the skin by mixing with blood. Gallstones or swelling of the liver, commonly known as hepatitis, could cause the obstruction of the bile ducts and is mostly caused by a virus.

Haemolytic anemia and some diseases affecting the liver such as malaria, typhoid, tuberculosis, and yellow fever are some other causes of jaundice. Symptoms of jaundice are mainly severe weakness, fever, headache, loss of appetite, severe constipation, nausea, and yellow staining of the tongue, skin, eyes, and urine. The person suffering from jaundice might also feel a tedious pain in the liver region and obstructive jaundice might also be related with strong itching.

The treatment of jaundice generally requires a diagnosis of the specific cause of jaundice, for instance, removal of a gallstone blocking the bile duct. The patient must also undertake fresh air baths, restrained exercises, and sufficient rest as means of other alternative treatments for jaundice.

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How to Remove Whiteheads

How to remove whiteheadsHow to remove whiteheads is a headache for many people. Whitehead is basically acne that looks like tiny white bumps on the skin. This generally happens because of lack of hygiene. When the follicle pore of the hair is clogged with dirt, oil, or bacteria, whiteheads tend to appear on your skin. You don’t want these whiteheads on your skin, as they really look weird. Whitehead removal tips are few tricks to get rid of those bumps and keep your pores healthy. However, you can seek medical advice from skin experts if there are too many bumps on your skin. Also, you can treat them by yourself.

Following are the whitehead removal tips:

Use Honey Mask: This is the most recommended aid for whiteheads. This is 100 percent natural way of removing whiteheads, as you don’t need to use any medicines. Many people don’t know that honey is the strongest antibacterial agent. As it is sticky, it goes through the pores and clears all the impurities. Honey is good for keeping your skin pores healthy. You just need to apply honey to the skin, twice a week before going to bed.

Detoxify your Body: This is also one of the best ways to get rid of whiteheads. Detoxification is the process of cleaning your entire system and taking out all the toxic material and liquids from the body. Instead of food, take lemonade as a detoxifying agent. It clears your entire system and alHow to remove whiteheadsso the pores, making your body free from whiteheads.

Hot and Cold Compresses: The root cause of whitehead is blocked pores on your skin. This treatment helps you to open all the pores and make them clear from all the bacteria.

Apart from all this, you can seek medical advice from your doctors on cleaning whiteheads.

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Medical Advice on Best Hair Re-bonding Products

Re-bonding is said to be a chemical hair treatment that makes your hair smooth, straight, and shiny. It’s an expensive and permanent procedure. Prices for the treatment might differ across salons due to service, products used, type of your hair, and post treatment care.

Is Chemical Re-bonding Harmful?

Hair texture and quality is affected by any chemical process. The hair becomes dry, weak and could even lead to hair fall due to excessive use of chemicals. A post treatment care is significant to hair re-bonding or else it can turn harmful. You must avoid re-bonding or any other chemical hair treatment if you’re suffering from hair fall. Inexperienced hair stylists, cheap chemicals, and weak hair together can make re-bonding a bad experience.

Hair re-bonding can be done using hair treatment products. Red ken products, L’Oreal X-tenso, shampoos, and conditioners from Tail and Mane, Aubrey organics etc. are some of the best hair re-bonding products.

Komaza hair care products are also the other good hair re-bonding products.

It’s always better to use good quality shampoos and conditioners for retaining the quality of your hair and for maintaining its moisture and nourishment. They also help to smooth down the hair cuticles and increase their luster. Many have used the above mentioned hair care products and have found them to be quite effective. In addition, you can opt for other products after going through the reviews of each product.

Keep in mind that it’s not possible to re-bond your hair daily and be sure to seek advice from an expert before going ahead.

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Medical Advice on Causes for Lack of Sleep

Adequate sleep is necessary for staying healthy. When you suffer from a lack of sleep, you will not be able to carry out your daily tasks normally and would have no option but to sleep extra to compensate and make up for the loss. You will surely find the effort worthwhile since life can be enjoyed to the fullest when you feel refreshed. If lack of sleep is chronic then it might require several weeks of sufficient sleep to recover entirely.

It can be both extremely frustrating and hazardous if you’re getting a chronic lack of sleep. It can be more threatening or intimidating to get to the root of this problem as causes of lack of sleep are numerous and varied. Thus it’s important that you also get in touch with your doctor to know the exact cause.

Lack of sleep causes an upsurge of what’s known as sleep debt. Here, you’d gain more sleep debt the longer you go without sleep and this would stay with you until you clear it with good sleep. Generally, you buildup the ‘sleep debt’ during the entire day until you succumb to the pressure of clearing it while going to bed for sleep. You wake up in the morning feeling refreshed with no more sleep debt and are ready to get start the day.

Medical Conditions
A certain medical condition can also give rise to sleeplessness.  Lack of sleep is the primary symptom of insomnia. Here you also tend to gain weight and the weight gain in your body makes you obese. People who suffer from depression also often struggle with insomnia as do people with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Insomnia is also one of the symptoms for diseases such as cancer, heart failure, lung disease and Parkinson’s disease. Lack of sleep anxiety and lack of sleep hair loss is also another condition or problem associated with sleeplessness.

Fatigue, blurred vision, irritability, memory lapses, slurring of speech and inability to concentrate are some of the symptoms of sleep deficiency. Hallucinations and strange behavior can also occur in extreme cases.
The main reason for sleeplessness is having an insufficient quantity of sleep. The average number of hours of sleep required by teenagers is around 8 to 9 hours and for adults it’s 7 to 8 hours. Ensure that you get adequate sleep to avoid further complications.

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